Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups

One of the hallmarks of the Reformation was its stress on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, God’s Holy Word. Today we Reformed people continue to believe the Bible to be the infallible standard for the Christian faith and walk of life. No one can add to this standard since God’s Word to His people is complete.

Because Scripture is so important, we constantly dig into it to seek God’s will. And we don’t leave this to the ministers, elders, and deacons alone but, like the Bereans of Acts 17:11, all the members are busy reading, studying, and searching Scripture. In doing so, we collectively seek to better understand our God, His salvation, and how we are to live with Him. To that end the congregation has a number of Bible Study Societies as follows:

Young Peoples Society

Youth in the church ages 16 and older participate in this bi-weekly Bible Study. The YPS are studying 1&2 Timothy this year. Meetings are held every second Sunday evening at a number of homes.

Men’s Society

Every second Thursday evening men of the church meet for Bible Study at the church building. In the 2012-2013 season the men are studying the book of John.

Women’s Society "Rejoice in the Lord"

On every second Thursday evening (opposite to the men), women of the church meet for Bible Study at the church building. They are studying Micah for the 12/13 season. 

Wednesday Women’s Society

This second group of women meet for Bible Study at one of the member’s homes. These women have split into two groups, one meets in the morning while another meets in the afternoon. This year they are studying the book of James. 

Our Pastor

Rev. S.C. Van Dam
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